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1, 2, 3’s a crowd…

Posted in Boyfriend, Facebook, Relationship with tags , , on October 30, 2008 by talesandtallies

Concerned: Didn’t know you cared that much?
Disturbed: Quit the pretence, you also want to know…
Hater: Don’t we all?For one or two reasons… *evil smirk*
Concerned: Do you know what could happen if something went wrong?
Disturbed: OMG!What is going wrong? What is happening? Did I miss something?
Hater: You just love to know too much don’t you… Anyways, much to my satisfaction, I heard doomsday is spelt for them
Disturbed: No wonder he’s not in the country yet. He should have been here since last week
Concerned: Aww… I wonder what could have happened, maybe things just did not work out.
Hater: What do you expect in a Long Distance Relationship with someone like that?
Disturbed: Someone like who?Him or her?
Hater: It really doesn’t matter. It’s not like both of them are even compatible
Concerned: It can’t be him… none of us know him, not I, you or you. By the way, long distance relationships are hard work.
Disturbed: Isn’t that who she’s always calling, texting, making her facebook profile picture? She even had to indicate that she was in a relationship with him on facebook.
Hater: I heard she was the one that sent the relationship request even. Don’t mind him, I think his name is B or something like that. He can’t even accept my facebook friend’s request I sent like 2 days ago.
Disturbed: You know how the trend is for girls to have the password to their boyfriend’s account.
Concerned: Are you saying it because that’s what you do?
Hater: Can you please not even digress in that direction. I won’t be surprised if she personally deleted the friend request I sent. She probably does that for every request from a girl, how insecure can she be?It’s not like he is all that
Disturbed: True talk. Her profile picture of him is from two years ago.
Concerned: Means he could be looking better now
Hater:… or worse?That should be a lovely sight.

Just For the Record:

B is my facebook boyfriend whom I am yet to meet.

I do not have access to his facebook account or any of his personal web spaces.

Doomsday might be waiting for us, who knows?

He really should have been here a long time ago, but that’s a post for another day.

I am obliged to keep in contact with him, and he with me by any means necessary. Every relationship needs communication.

I did send the relationship request but I did not ask myself out.

B tells me about friend requests he receives from people I know that he doesn’t. He asks for my approval but I am really indifferent.