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Call me stupid… & then don’t call

Posted in Boyfriend with tags , on November 6, 2008 by talesandtallies

[Thank you for all the comments on the previous post convincing me to stay. I must say I am truly appreciative of all the love I have received here.]

Now onto something less thrilling

Call me stupid…

B & I have had a lot of racy conversations in our so-called-relationship. On this particular night, we were conversing about something totally random when the issue of me sending him personal pictures of myself ensued. I was a bit, a lot reluctant actually and silently questioned his motives. He didn’t push and just asked me to think about it.

So a few weeks later, after particularly feeling elated by something good he did, something I will now consider stupid I did. Yes I did what you think I did.

…& then don’t call

He hasn’t called since then.

Just wondering if he ran out of luck, money or love. Or maybe that’s me looking at myself in the rear view mirror.

Let me clarify what I meant by personal pictures.

**personal pictures: semi-nude, almost bare. generally, pictures of you with considerably less clothing!