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Why I Love My Alphabets

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December 2008

This story continues from this post.

The phone went dead and dead it was for the next three days. No calls from B, again! ‘What a callous way to break up’, I thought. We could have talked it through. I wondered if this had more to do with me sending him nude pictures or the fact that he met my ex, N. They were two very different personalities. B was reserved and laid-back while N was fun loving and the life of the party. B was tall, N was short. B liked to think of the future whereas N would barge into a room before reading the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Assuming the latter happened, he might even say “Hi” to the couple being intimate.

As to why I ever dated N, it could be blamed on his cute Jake Gyllenhaal type face or my raging teenage hormones. Eitherway, it would not surprise me to find out N had spilled secrets to B.

I have a knack for picking the best boys, don’t I? From the ones who were too loud to be ignored (N), to the ones who ignored me (B). At this point, it didn’t matter much because B had joined N in my fabolous league of EX’s. Perhaps it was time to consider a relationship with another letter of the alphabet, C, J, T… Z?

As I hummed to my new heartbreak tune ‘The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog’, I had no idea I would be doing some jumping of my own. My dead phone was gonna come back to life and have me clinging  to a whole new set of alphabets, ‘OMG’*!

OMG – Short form of the slang ‘Oh My Gosh’


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“I don’t know, Are we?”, I replied.

He called back almost immediately as if he had been waiting for some sort of signal. He expressed his bitterness about I cutting off all communication from him when he needed me the most. I complained about the sudden silence and being unable to reach him. I complained about leaving him messages that were never returned. I complained about the loss of contact and how I regretted missing his calls. It seemed like he wasn’t ready to have any of that.

After a few minutes of arguing with him, I just blurted it out. “If you are so unhappy with me, or you don’t see how much effort I am putting into this as well… then for what it’s worth, why are you still with me?”

“Are you saying you don’t want us to see each other again?”, he said after a moment of silence.

“I don’t know, you were the one that wanted to break up with me” I admitted in a disgusted tone of voice. He sent that text, didin’t he?I never thought we would have any issues that would warrant such a message. But he cut me short before I could drive home my point.

” I never looked at the semi-nude pictures you sent me because I was waiting to appreciate you in person. I only mentioned it to hear your opinion, not for you to oblige. I went to see my mother over the weekend which is why you couldn’t reach me for a while. I had a minor accident on my way back, but it was just a few bruises. I also met with one of your ex’s at my mother’s. Apparently, his mother and mine used to be colleagues.”

He paused for a bit and continued. “You just sound different, like you’re ready for something else. I will always love you though.”

Phone went dead, before I could utter anything meaningful. He probably didn’t want me defending myself. Given the chance, I’m not sure I would have.

It was sad; what he made mention of tugged at my heart.I however did not cry, go hysterical or react in an overly emotional way after he hung up. I was still numb.

Our anniversary is only a couple of days away; this simply confirms the jinx that I can never be in a relationship for more than six months.

Walk the Line

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I found something decent to wear, it was about 4.30 but the darkness still hung in the sky. I walked out into this cold, cold night. It was quiet, the whole school had gone asleep!Heck, I thought the whole world was asleep except mine; It was facing a nightmare of its own. The  Street lights were on,  but I preferred walking on the dimly lit side walks. My head tilted down, phone in hand with ear piece connected. Set it to flight mode and began listening to the music.

I reached a junction with two turns, one was pitch dark and the other a straight road with lights shining brightly. I observed my shadow in this light. There were three. For the first time I reckoned they accompanied me from my dorm. I agreed with myself that I needed to see a doctor; I must be crazy to have a soliloquy with my own shadows. I didn’t notice the guard walk in my direction; his voice startled me.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah”, I said.

He had been observing me from a distance all the while; “You were talking to yourself just now”.

“No, no… I was just singing and I paused to change the track” I lied. I had been thinking out loud about seeing the doctor, I hope he didn’t hear it. But if he did, he could quickly convince himself that he was simply reading my thoughts or he never saw me this night.

I thanked him and walked away quickly in the other direction. I felt him staring at me in disbelief under the lights and with an aura of fear, I hastened my steps.I stole a few glances over my shoulder until he turned around to walk back; then I slowed down to catch my breath. I continued to walk in the middle of this road blinded by the night, afraid to fall but wouldn’t let myself stop.

All the feelings I witnessed on this walk were synonymous with my relationship. It was the longest walk of my life but I sought solace in thinking the end was near. Just like I thought B would be here soon as he promised the last time we spoke, adding how much he loved me. My doubts rested on how often I believed in the word soon and it never came through because he still wasn’t here.  I really could have gone the easy way with a making a commitment to either of Tom, Dick and Harry, each in close proximity. But I didn’t.  Instead, I chose to walk the line.

B’s text came in shortly as I switched my phone off flight mode. This line read; “Are we over already?”.

Call me stupid… & then don’t call

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[Thank you for all the comments on the previous post convincing me to stay. I must say I am truly appreciative of all the love I have received here.]

Now onto something less thrilling

Call me stupid…

B & I have had a lot of racy conversations in our so-called-relationship. On this particular night, we were conversing about something totally random when the issue of me sending him personal pictures of myself ensued. I was a bit, a lot reluctant actually and silently questioned his motives. He didn’t push and just asked me to think about it.

So a few weeks later, after particularly feeling elated by something good he did, something I will now consider stupid I did. Yes I did what you think I did.

…& then don’t call

He hasn’t called since then.

Just wondering if he ran out of luck, money or love. Or maybe that’s me looking at myself in the rear view mirror.

Let me clarify what I meant by personal pictures.

**personal pictures: semi-nude, almost bare. generally, pictures of you with considerably less clothing!



Halloween Scare

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I decided to decline all invitations to Halloween parties this year.[There were none]

This morning, there were bumps all over me.  Mentioned it to B and he agreed to having a part in it. It was his Halloween gift to me. He better be joking; Voodoo is more like it.

Lesson Learned: Next year, I’d rather be out raiding and parading Morticia Adams’ closet than getting upset by my imaginary boyfriend whose proving to be the subject of my nightmare[Interpreted as I upset him last night, karma came to bite me with those bumps].

How did you spend your halloween?



1, 2, 3’s a crowd…

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Concerned: Didn’t know you cared that much?
Disturbed: Quit the pretence, you also want to know…
Hater: Don’t we all?For one or two reasons… *evil smirk*
Concerned: Do you know what could happen if something went wrong?
Disturbed: OMG!What is going wrong? What is happening? Did I miss something?
Hater: You just love to know too much don’t you… Anyways, much to my satisfaction, I heard doomsday is spelt for them
Disturbed: No wonder he’s not in the country yet. He should have been here since last week
Concerned: Aww… I wonder what could have happened, maybe things just did not work out.
Hater: What do you expect in a Long Distance Relationship with someone like that?
Disturbed: Someone like who?Him or her?
Hater: It really doesn’t matter. It’s not like both of them are even compatible
Concerned: It can’t be him… none of us know him, not I, you or you. By the way, long distance relationships are hard work.
Disturbed: Isn’t that who she’s always calling, texting, making her facebook profile picture? She even had to indicate that she was in a relationship with him on facebook.
Hater: I heard she was the one that sent the relationship request even. Don’t mind him, I think his name is B or something like that. He can’t even accept my facebook friend’s request I sent like 2 days ago.
Disturbed: You know how the trend is for girls to have the password to their boyfriend’s account.
Concerned: Are you saying it because that’s what you do?
Hater: Can you please not even digress in that direction. I won’t be surprised if she personally deleted the friend request I sent. She probably does that for every request from a girl, how insecure can she be?It’s not like he is all that
Disturbed: True talk. Her profile picture of him is from two years ago.
Concerned: Means he could be looking better now
Hater:… or worse?That should be a lovely sight.

Just For the Record:

B is my facebook boyfriend whom I am yet to meet.

I do not have access to his facebook account or any of his personal web spaces.

Doomsday might be waiting for us, who knows?

He really should have been here a long time ago, but that’s a post for another day.

I am obliged to keep in contact with him, and he with me by any means necessary. Every relationship needs communication.

I did send the relationship request but I did not ask myself out.

B tells me about friend requests he receives from people I know that he doesn’t. He asks for my approval but I am really indifferent.



Never [been] kissed

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I’ve never kissed a boyfriend of mine.

Don’t get this twisted, that doesn’t mean I’ve never been kissed. All the guys that I have happened to kiss were never my boyfriends and all my boyfriends I just never make it to kissing them.


Every Guy I’ve ever dated started blindly at first with phone conversations and all before we finally met.


I have never been in close proximity relationships, only long distances. I definitely cannot date any guy in my school and that’s that.


I have honestly never been in any relationship for up to 6 months.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but for me it begins to whither right around the end of the 2nd month.


The thrill in kissing guys I have flings with began casually and almost became a fetish. It just kept happening in that pattern. My kissing abilities definitely kept them coming in addition to the hint of chemistry.


I do love kissing but I am a tad bit cautious because its much more than that to me. Kissing a boyfriend is different from just kissing a not-boyfriend, there are emotions involved.


I have had great kisses but I do believe the best happen when you are in love.


I am yet to kiss my current boyfriend for one or more of the many reasons aforementioned. Is this a jinx or what?

T & T