Why I Love My Alphabets

December 2008

This story continues from this post.

The phone went dead and dead it was for the next three days. No calls from B, again! ‘What a callous way to break up’, I thought. We could have talked it through. I wondered if this had more to do with me sending him nude pictures or the fact that he met my ex, N. They were two very different personalities. B was reserved and laid-back while N was fun loving and the life of the party. B was tall, N was short. B liked to think of the future whereas N would barge into a room before reading the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Assuming the latter happened, he might even say “Hi” to the couple being intimate.

As to why I ever dated N, it could be blamed on his cute Jake Gyllenhaal type face or my raging teenage hormones. Eitherway, it would not surprise me to find out N had spilled secrets to B.

I have a knack for picking the best boys, don’t I? From the ones who were too loud to be ignored (N), to the ones who ignored me (B). At this point, it didn’t matter much because B had joined N in my fabolous league of EX’s. Perhaps it was time to consider a relationship with another letter of the alphabet, C, J, T… Z?

As I hummed to my new heartbreak tune ‘The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog’, I had no idea I would be doing some jumping of my own. My dead phone was gonna come back to life and have me clinging  to a whole new set of alphabets, ‘OMG’*!

OMG – Short form of the slang ‘Oh My Gosh’

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