Walk the Line

I found something decent to wear, it was about 4.30 but the darkness still hung in the sky. I walked out into this cold, cold night. It was quiet, the whole school had gone asleep!Heck, I thought the whole world was asleep except mine; It was facing a nightmare of its own. The  Street lights were on,  but I preferred walking on the dimly lit side walks. My head tilted down, phone in hand with ear piece connected. Set it to flight mode and began listening to the music.

I reached a junction with two turns, one was pitch dark and the other a straight road with lights shining brightly. I observed my shadow in this light. There were three. For the first time I reckoned they accompanied me from my dorm. I agreed with myself that I needed to see a doctor; I must be crazy to have a soliloquy with my own shadows. I didn’t notice the guard walk in my direction; his voice startled me.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah”, I said.

He had been observing me from a distance all the while; “You were talking to yourself just now”.

“No, no… I was just singing and I paused to change the track” I lied. I had been thinking out loud about seeing the doctor, I hope he didn’t hear it. But if he did, he could quickly convince himself that he was simply reading my thoughts or he never saw me this night.

I thanked him and walked away quickly in the other direction. I felt him staring at me in disbelief under the lights and with an aura of fear, I hastened my steps.I stole a few glances over my shoulder until he turned around to walk back; then I slowed down to catch my breath. I continued to walk in the middle of this road blinded by the night, afraid to fall but wouldn’t let myself stop.

All the feelings I witnessed on this walk were synonymous with my relationship. It was the longest walk of my life but I sought solace in thinking the end was near. Just like I thought B would be here soon as he promised the last time we spoke, adding how much he loved me. My doubts rested on how often I believed in the word soon and it never came through because he still wasn’t here.  I really could have gone the easy way with a making a commitment to either of Tom, Dick and Harry, each in close proximity. But I didn’t.  Instead, I chose to walk the line.

B’s text came in shortly as I switched my phone off flight mode. This line read; “Are we over already?”.


27 Responses to “Walk the Line”

  1. *Exhaling……..Walking the line isn’t easy one bit. Funny how life springs up on you with very odd timings too……..
    So, your reply was???……..
    (glad to see you didn’t up and bail out of here)

  2. This reminds me of me 😦 as sirius said its never easy…two people have to compromise and pull it together…. sometimes its better to use ur head as well as u heart.
    and I’m also curious to know what u replied …


  3. Abi o, it isn’t easy, but still keep your head up, yes, what was your reply?

  4. Your Reply? Yes we are. Now take a walk and disappear.

  5. wow….why are relationships so hard to deal with? and the most simple question can change your life so much…

  6. R’ships require a lot of work.
    But it shouldn’t b a lonely walk (done by only 1 party).

    what was ur reply?

  7. Aww..

    Um..my question is, why did he think u were over? Why did he ask that question?????

  8. you leave me wanting more
    continue don’t stop

  9. I think I may have overanalysed that single line. I’m paying special attention to ‘already’. Why did he ask you like that? ‘Are we over ALREADY?’ hmmm. I wonder what your reply was. Don’t keep me hanging too long!

  10. ok
    snap out of it
    boy matter
    abi man matter is dangerous o!
    i love to love sha
    i am trying.

  11. so c ya
    thanks for stopping by my blog
    sometimes i am confused about me and life
    right now i am content and balanced and
    trusting God

  12. Took my time to go over the entire story again — just to ensure i had as complete a picture as possible.. Methinks you’ve been a little too hard on yourself… Whatever has happened (or not happened) is a result of a conjoint action — not your actions alone..

    If I were in B’s shoes, i’d make the call – just to ensure everyone is on the same page – and say whatever it is that’s on my mind. Obviously, he’s left you in limbo land — which is NOT fair.

    On the other hand if i were in your shoes, I’d think sufficient time has passed since the 7 missed calls, and if ther’s been no further communication since then, i’d make a call and ask for a “define the relationship moment”.

    You cannot control what other people choose to do or not to do….Difficult choices u’ve got here tho.. Wish u luck and strength as u decide….

    And by the way — what was your reply to the txt???

  13. Ummm… Would you call the Man back and let him know yall are not over. Errr Have you???? Come back and finish the story ok? I dey wait o!

  14. hmmm…na wa o….nice post..nice site..will visit again..dat ur guy d text na real wa but well God dey….

  15. P.S tell d guy a resounding YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS…u deserve better(to me o)

  16. wait o..come and start from the beginning or did i miss it…why did he send that sms? did u guys already talk about calling it off..cuz your last post made it appear that things were getting better??

    and wat was ur reply??

    hmmm…a committed relationship takes two

  17. what was you response. do you still love him? i think he is not in love with you

  18. thanks for viewng my page

  19. talesandtallies Says:

    @~sirius~: you’re right, walking the line isn’t easy at all. my reply’s coming up soon

    @miss love: i love that advice about using the head and the heart, just hoping to apply it

    @cappucinebaby: i’ll try the heads up thing… i’ll try!lol

    @truthmasta: you might be closer to the truth in this situation than you knw…

    @kookie: well said… its the simplest questions we even find difficult to answer

    @oluwadee: thanks mehn… walking alone shouldn’t b part of it at all

    @buttercup: as at then, i didnt knw why… nw i do, u will soon too

    @geisha: maybe, maybe not… jokes.lol.will tell ya in a bit

    @kafo: aww…. *blushin*tnx.bt in real life, am nt sure hw much mre i wnt of this mayhem

    @Nefertiti: i promise i won’t keep you hanging!… u din’t overanalyse dt line at all. i think he really meant to come across that way

    @tisha: u’re ryt o… it has its dangers mehn

    @danny bagucci: you couldnt have said it better. there are difficult choices and even if some are for better, my heart/head is prolly too weared to look into it. I def. try not to beat myself up, rili appreciate ur words. will let u in on the aftermath

    @temite: I go finish am… d wey d thing cum happen after this one even surprise me sef

    @onome: tnx 4 visitin… & ur two cents. may be sendin him a yes will be a good reality check 4 him…

    @aloted: i tot they were… i tink my next post will clarify things.

  20. wait,,, he broke up with you via a text? Am I missing something cos that is way too harsh and unnecessary.

    Anyway, I hope all is well, my sista.

  21. truthmasta Says:

    Why is this such a big issue for you? Water under the bridge. Move on, kiddo!

  22. I havnt been following this but follow ur heart girl.

  23. truthmasta Says:

    ok update the joint jo.

  24. hope u are ok. it takes courage to walk that line…especially alone

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  26. *bites finger nails*

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