B for Bezerk!

I had a completely unnerving weekend after being unable to reach B. A myriad of feelings had me in bounds, mostly resulting from the guilt of my previous actions. I was more mad at myself than I was at him for not calling. I took a brief second to understand why I did this and had to admit it was not my finest hour. He never pushed me to do it,I pushed myself to be this star girlfriend. I felt like I needed to disappear from myself, I couldn’t live with this feeling.

There so many parties that were hosted this weekend and I found no incentive to attend, even as a means for me to unwind. I lay on my pillow and basked in my thoughts. If this was the end for us, I had to brace myself for it. Sooner had I let my thoughts drift than I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to turn off my room lights and lock the door. My phone fell to the ground. That’s when I remembered how I fell asleep.I started fumbling to put it back together curios to see if B had called. He had, seven times. I could literally have beat myself up at this point for sleeping so heavily. It was frustrating to know that the call I had waited for all weekend came in seven times!And I couldn’t even call back because my credit account was totally debased with all the messages I left on his voicemail. I reached for my laptop quickly typing in my password when I saw 41 messages in my inbox.

The number 40 became a fast favorite in the preceding hours, associating all I could with it. What kind of woman I would be at 40 years of age, If he would call in the next 40 minutes or even 40 more minutes after that. Or maybe he would call after I played our song 40 times, because he had heard me cry my heart out with that music. I counted backwards from 40 too. If there was anything I was sure of then, it was the fact that I had waited the previous night in vain. But this morning, it was 41… and a smile briefly lit my face. I proceeded to open my messages hurriedly as if I was in a crunch for time. With my heart in my throat, I certainly thought the internet connection was crippling.

I closed all the damn windows that were open and all other applications running just to see if the page could load any faster. My fingers were trembling so loud they made their own music on the keyboard. The air conditioner was working properly, but my body was still working up an uneasy sweat. In this moment, I cursed all the makers of browsers. The page finally loaded. I looked up to the last message received and it was my daily horoscope subscription. I was in no mood for astrology, my mind reacted with almost an instant misology. I couldn’t have been any more bezerk!

*misology: hatred of ideas, logic
*astrology:claiming divination by the positions of the planets and sun and moon

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20 Responses to “B for Bezerk!”

  1. lol as always…1st

  2. you see he called back! 🙂 well….hmmm how r u feeling babe

  3. See!!! He saw/ heard your messages and called back, Yea!!!!

  4. Ah he called…7 times even. Sorry about the email though I hate when that happens. I cancelled my horoscope subscription for that very purpose. I was waiting patiently for someone to email and every day the only email i received was from bloody MSN horoscopes!

  5. he’s not a jerk afterall…good to know! and to think he was the one you were worried about b4 u fell asleep…

  6. so? what happened after?
    mushy phone calls, lovey dovey text messages, romantic e-mails…

  7. ha! Take it easy o!

  8. awww, he called back! you see! 😀


  10. We are hungry no, thirsty for update juice!!!

  11. talesandtallies Says:

    @Solo:u’re bcumin so gd at takin d number one spot… hmm, am feeling weird mehn bt am gettin better

    @Abujamaiden: am jst sad cuz i misd d call… seven of his calls!at least he called back sha

    @kookie: u r so ryt… it really pissed me off t see dt stupid horoscope.

    @just… toluwa: i knw ryt, after i was worried sick. hpe he calls wen am awake dis tym

    @geisha: I wish… lol. no mushiness o, u knw 4 sure i’ll brief you what happened

    @alooFar: tnk u o… i dey try

    @cappucineBaby: yes darlin… tnk heavens he did. burden = slightly reduced:)x

    @lady koko: sry i wasnt very clear… i had 40 unread messages already, it was the number 41 message that was from the astrology site.but 7 missed calls were from him sha


  12. talesandtallies Says:

    @Abujamaiden:update is comin… lemme not spill sha. hpe it doesnt surprise u as much as it did me

  13. yeh, u really need to continue with what happens after……
    and yay he called back, havent read the full details on u n B yet tho.lol….
    and….dnt u jus hate it when they ,make u wait for a reply for sooooooooo looooooooong……minutes turn to hours.and hours turn to days when it comes to men!
    btw i tagged u in 1 of my posts.=D

  14. aww he called you back:-)
    I just learned a new word by the way: “bezerk”, lol
    Thank you!

  15. good to know he called…

    so you guys cool now?? hope so

  16. did my comment not come up?

  17. o man obviously not.lol……anyway i was jus sayin yeh, its good that he called, u know, but as in y do men makes us wait like that? argh i can jus imagine how frustrated i wudve been…and i cnt remember wot else i sed but yeh…. I LOVE YA BLOG! o yeh n i tagged ya

  18. Girl, my heart was in my mouth too oh. One woulda thought it was my story sef. lol.

    Awwww, he called!! I love this kinda stories. Yay 4 happy endings. LOL @ the horoscope. Nonsense.

  19. Errr I thought I was the only who gets crazy when the boyfie hasnt called. I get really tired! Both physically and emotionally. Ha! I actually still get excited everytime I see that hes calling me, I sometimes do a little dance and then feel mighty stupid afterwards. I am glad for you sha, u see, things always work out at the end of the day, no need for worries. Err Tallies or what is your name, come here and update us kia kia(quickly). I wannna know what happened jooo. Please!

  20. so..dish..whats happenign now? did he finally call..

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