Call me stupid… & then don’t call

[Thank you for all the comments on the previous post convincing me to stay. I must say I am truly appreciative of all the love I have received here.]

Now onto something less thrilling

Call me stupid…

B & I have had a lot of racy conversations in our so-called-relationship. On this particular night, we were conversing about something totally random when the issue of me sending him personal pictures of myself ensued. I was a bit, a lot reluctant actually and silently questioned his motives. He didn’t push and just asked me to think about it.

So a few weeks later, after particularly feeling elated by something good he did, something I will now consider stupid I did. Yes I did what you think I did.

…& then don’t call

He hasn’t called since then.

Just wondering if he ran out of luck, money or love. Or maybe that’s me looking at myself in the rear view mirror.

Let me clarify what I meant by personal pictures.

**personal pictures: semi-nude, almost bare. generally, pictures of you with considerably less clothing!




22 Responses to “Call me stupid… & then don’t call”

  1. Hiss…There is absolutely no point to bite yourself..we all have our daft moments…which is sad especially when we think we are doing something because of ‘love’… I have had issues with this calling topic..basically honey, you can always tell from its voice the kind of animal on the other side of the door before you open it…Listen carefully and open your eyes..xx thanks for swinging by..x

  2. wow! I neva send pictures, cos pictures dnt do me justice! hope he is not a jerk like most guys i know!

  3. truthmasta Says:

    Do you think he’s still mad at you? Why should he call you – perhaps you should write to him explaining why this is important?

  4. I’m still lost. Sorry, I’m kinda slow. But call him!

  5. Call him and find out why he isnt calling you. Hasnt he seen your picture before? Or am I being silly? Do you want me to get my russian mob boyfriend to take him out. Coz I will!!! Feel berra and no worry too much!

  6. oh wow. talk about awkward.
    it’s embarrassing, not stupid.
    maybe the pics got him in trouble? hopefully he’s not being an asshole and outrightly snubbing you cuz you don’t have halle berry’s body.

    i suppose you could call him… that’ll answer all ur questions.

  7. “O ya were ni?”(meaning: Is he MAD!) I can’t stand rubbish like that…don’t call him jo…let him be…some people are just so narrow minded it sucks…having said that, don’t let me jump into conclusion o! cos it could be that the bobo took ill…or something along that line, or he travelled to a remote place where there’s no access to internet…but pls don’t call him…okay on second thoughts call him…’cos I will be curious as well to know what’s up if i was the one…but if you can…don’t call him!!!

  8. He didn’t call after the pictures???DAMN!!
    If you feel like calling, do so, if you don’t feel like calling DON’T!!

  9. lady koko Says:

    i dont even know what to say…I PRAY FOR HE’S SAKE…HE RAN OUT OF CREDIT BECAUSE……………the plain fact that u TRSUTED him with such pictures..he shud at least be calling to say “THANK YOU BABY” if not “BABY UR TURNING ME ON”……..
    if u do call……find out how he is first(just in case summin important did happen)…before u proceed to find out about the wonderful images that blessed he’s phone *lucky man* hehe

  10. talesandtallies Says:

    @solo: thats so true. I face the same issue with this whole calling situation and worry myself sick everytime. I should probably just let this resolve itself

    @just toluwa: with those pictures, i certainly didn’t do myself justice at all. infact caused more harm, i think

    @truth masta: I expected him to call to at least confirm the receipt of the pictures. with the situation, it is certainly keeping me on edge.

    @Abuja maiden: its ok dear, made changes to the post. hope it makes more sense now

    @Temite: He has seen some of my other “decent” pictures but modified the post to include what i meant by personal pictures. I think that russian mob is needed on standby for the events that may unfold in the next couple of

    @geisha: thank you… i still feel stupid though. I shouldnt have acted outside my discretion. As soon as i can reach him, we’ll see what the reaction is.

    @NoLimit: He better be ill or have a credible explanation for this because he has it coming for him when next we speak!I have been trying to call him to no avail.*sigh*

    @Stuck: to be honest, i don’t feel like calling at this point. I’ve screwed up already let him call, that will make me feel more at peace

    @Lady koko: thanks darlin, with my hot self… he betta be turned on or else go for gay counselling. and those pictures better not get out, cuz his a** will be on the line.

  11. hmm this is dicey…

    guess we all have our moments but the best u can do is learn from this…
    if u feel up to it u can call him if not let him call u…

    meanwhile i don’t mean to pry but when are u guys planning on meeting face to face?…this would clear up a lot.

  12. Buttercup Says:

    Oh wow..

    I also think u shudnt call him. Im big on pride, we dont want him thinkin u r desperate. Just wait it out, as hard as that might be..

  13. Call and confront him. If he hangs up, don’t call him back. I guess you gotta be careful (he might have judged you from you actions dunno) but why did he ask for pictures that would make him love you less? To test you?

    I’m trying to be brutally honest without hurting but I’ll suggest you revert back to the ‘little mystery.’ Pictures of you in long skirt and polo neck. I’m kidding!

    But I dunno, pray, fast , cry do something!!!!!!

  14. I’m with buttercup, don’t let him know that it got to you, he sounds like a cool guy so im sure he has an explanation for what he did, hopefully

  15. Dont beat urself up…… ive done it before and i guess u have to call him, and act like nothing went wrong…. his reaction will speak volumes, probably he was surprised u did and waiting for u to show u were not uncomfortable with it………..

  16. hey thanks for stopping over at mines.
    Am thinking why not call B? That’s what I’ll do, if he ignores your call(s), they we can say we have a problem.

  17. boyfriend better get it together

    h might loose a nice young gurl if he dont 🙂

  18. Hey you had me clicking the personal pics …….ok ok I can be naughty sometimes…but if he doesnt call dont feel so bad…just think of it as one less headache. He wont know a good thing ….until its gone…way gone. Thats how men do, they dont want you until you have moved on in your life…..then ITS TOO TOO LATE..


  19. talesandtallies Says:

    @aloted: yeah, we do actually have plans… buts it a really tricky situation actually planning a post on that.

    @buttercup: av actually given up on tryin him, i bet its his turn now… so that pride thing is now definitely kicking in

    @Abujamaiden: I av done all of the above, so out of energy now that all i can do is wait

    @cappucinebaby: oh my!dis explanation betta be hella gud… am losin my mind dammit

    @funms:thanks luv… av thought of that also but the speculations are just killing me!gosh, all the maybes and what ifs

    @isha: tnx 4 cumin over here too:)its ur first time, so welcome dear…. my calls arent even goin thru so av kicked the idea of callin him already

    @james tubman: aww…cheered me up. he prolly would lose sumn special wen he dint see it cumin

    @Kin’shar: lol… sori, my bad!I just wanna fully sort the situation and see if its salvageable… cnt do it like dis so maybe is time t bid good riddance to bad rubbish b4 its too late

  20. awww… I really hope that things get better for you hun. There really isn’t much I can say about your situation other than the fact that I have faced similar dilemmas or tribulations. I had a guy just recently ask for a picture of me… but I wouldn’t give it to him. ^_^ I’ve all too well learned my lesson from some of the things that have been done to me using pictures. But anyway… lots of love.

    And thanks for commenting on Industrial Love, by the way. ^_^

  21. these things happen. just do what you think is right for your heart. Will be back here soon.

  22. ok, pictures leave too much of a trail, next time dont. hopefully B wont use the pics against u !

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