Yet another political post

Let me just get to the point by saying I don’t know nothing about politics or American politics for that matter… zero, nada, zilcht!

That said, I am the only person I know who does not have an opinion about the current elections. Call it nonchalance, ignorance or whatever[insert all the hate words here, if you must]. It would be cool to have a black person for president though, he would look good on the postage stamp and leave you tear-jerking after every speech. On the other hand, having an aged president is not so bad, he may probably die before his term runs out and is guaranteed to never have a second term. Both will be firsts and memorable for the white house anyhow.

Whoever wins definitely has his work cut out for him. What if who you think will win doesn’t?Results are delayed?One thing leading to another they need a re-election?The votes for both candidates are equal?The suspense is just killing you, Isn’t it?:)

**Disclaimer: Whatever impressions you might have formed from this post are entirely the intentions of the author.




17 Responses to “Yet another political post”

  1. Exactly my sentiments. What if the “expected” winner doesn’t deliver, as promised?


  2. truthmasta Says:

    Really? Narcissism is a gift I hear, if used appropriately. Urgh!
    Really:) 😦
    I know you like that. Whether it’s killin’ or not, I mean.

  3. talesandtallies Says:

    @AlooFar: Hi there!good to know someone shares my sentiments…
    @truthmasta: I actually love it!those who lack it are at an eternal loss…

  4. hey, share your sentiments too oh…let’s hope all goes well sha…

  5. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. You’re right the election is a historic one either way.

    In terms of a president ‘delivering’ how many of them ever really do while in office anyway? Its usually on their way out we get a clearer idea of what they did and didn’t do, when they were supposed to. As often happens the person that has to clean up someone else’s mess (as left by Bush) will probably have a harder time making things right.

    BUT I think the US is in such dire straits economically and politically they could benefit from the popularity vote (in the eyes of the rest of the world) they would get with Obama. Regardless of whether its true or not, voting a young black man into office instead of a wrinkly old school war veteran indicates, change, progession and the promise of equality. Now that, to me is worth the vote.

  6. lol at your disclaimer..! the suspense is killin though..thnx for stoppin by

  7. If I were close to you right now ehn, I will sooooooo beat you black & blue.

    Go Obama/Biden!!!

  8. truthmasta Says:

    Vera, who you wan beat o?

  9. Aloofar, you totally read my mind and voiced/wrote my thoughts. “What if…”

  10. But on the other hand, “What if not…”

  11. lol!!!! i know what you mean, even tho i am partial to Barack.
    (yea, first name basis and all :P)

    wait oh, he’s already won!!!!!!!!

  12. talesandtallies Says:

    @sassiechic:all is well that ends well

    @Tiger Tem: Thanks for not taking this personal, I heart him too. I just decided to have fun amidst the the political tension. But your comment was well said and is appreciated. In fact, I couldnt agree more

    @the poets voice: lol!tnx 4 stoppin by to…:)xx

    @vera: No beat me o… he don win naw!lol

    @truthmasta: poor me o… pokin fun on such a vital issue. lol

    @BrownSugar: Now our speculations av been put to rest… i think

    @geisha: haha… yup, yup!Congrats Obama

  13. Hahahaha, Barrack won o, I knew he would 😛

  14. Obama…..Yes we did!

  15. lady koko Says:

    JUST LIKE YOU…I WAS NONCHALANT before………….but mehnnnnnnnn…see people CRY……MADE ME STOP FOR MINUTE..AND APPRECIATE HOW MUCH OF A *moment* THIS MOST BE FOR NOT ONLY MANY AMERICANS BUT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the dude is sexxxxxxxxxxxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  16. i am actually quite apathetic..and to be honest..this whole ‘black president’ shindig to me just means black people are doing exactly what white people are accused of doing..lets ask 10 people what his policies are..theres a good chance they have no bloody idea!! let me not degenerate into a political rant!!lol

  17. talesandtallies Says:

    @CappucineBaby: sure u did, I bet ure ecstatic. Well done to him

    @Dessex: Yes He won… I rejoice with you

    @lady koko: lol… i actually watched a couple of people cry as well, even though i didn’t. He is definitely sexxxxxxxxyyyyy!that would have been my shallow reason, had i voted.

    @flabby: trust me, I have really thought down that line. But a political rant can start a firestorm here. we’ll just say now he’s won, lets watch him put our skepticism to rest.

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