Halloween Scare

I decided to decline all invitations to Halloween parties this year.[There were none]

This morning, there were bumps all over me.  Mentioned it to B and he agreed to having a part in it. It was his Halloween gift to me. He better be joking; Voodoo is more like it.

Lesson Learned: Next year, I’d rather be out raiding and parading Morticia Adams’ closet than getting upset by my imaginary boyfriend whose proving to be the subject of my nightmare[Interpreted as I upset him last night, karma came to bite me with those bumps].

How did you spend your halloween?




17 Responses to “Halloween Scare”

  1. erhhhh Temite is kinda lost here.

  2. talesandtallies Says:

    @temite:lol… sorry its a pretty random and abstract post, it’s a joke about how boyfie jazzed me bcuz i upset him last night

  3. bumps, as in goose?
    or like hives? cut that’ll be really freaky 😛

  4. talesandtallies Says:

    @geisha: my dear… hives!real freaky, i tell ya!

  5. truthmasta Says:

    Halloween was fine actually. Sounds like your imaginary(?) boyfriend is really angry with you. Perhaps you should just be straight with him.

  6. spent halloween IN MA HAUS!!!

    missed out on the parry at Swe tho…

  7. I just stayed at home and ate till i dropped! 😀

  8. Halloween was really scary.. .My daughter was a ghost.

  9. i got invited to a party, i even accepted d invite, only 2 b off 2 see d husband d night of d party. cos u could say i spent halloween n d arms of MM. but, am not one 4 halloween though. d whole zombie thing creeps me out. yeah, i know it’s an american tradition but i read somewhere dat it has really dark origins.

  10. oh & btw, i love ur template

  11. & what’s up with d bumps thing. i no understand oh. how did he do it?

  12. homework
    i did homework
    got stuck in traffic
    went to chinese buffet and watched a sermon on my laptop while i was there
    came home
    took a shower
    went to bed
    i kinda forgot about the whole halloween thing i guess

  13. Just dropping by in retaliation when I saw the Halloween post. Does anyone know if the Halloween trend’s catching in Naija cos I bet it ain’t gonna be funny when we already got our fresh home-brewed jazz ready.
    Ok, just kidding!
    Reading your stuff now.

  14. Freaky!! Me, I didn’t do anything o. I never do anything anyway. I don’t remember what I even did that day sef.

  15. talesandtallies Says:

    @chari, cappucine baby: that makes two of us!lol
    @fff: boy am i lucky?lol… got 3 comments. u iz a darlin!i wish i understood hw he did it myself, if he really did it… dts a whole other issue on its own.
    @kafo:guess u didn’t celebrate at all like me… lets make it a date nxt yr!lol
    @Naughty Eyes: Lol… its catchin up and am left behind!
    @vera: haha… u crack me up. but its certainly betta dn mine, dose unforgettable bumps!

  16. Had classes,
    did a bit of awareness for TheseGenes,
    went for a last day of the month praise night,
    went to some spot in school for suya and ice cream (yum!)
    and then allowed some cute lad to flirt. Totally harmless!

    BTW, im liking this blog. Thanx 4 stoppin by too.

  17. i dont believe in Halloween so it was a typical day for me..

    i think some kids knocked on my door but i didnt answer cuz i didnt have any treats for them and didnt want them playing any tricks on me… (trick or treat) thats the little i know about halloween.

    u have any imaginary boyfriend?

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