1, 2, 3’s a crowd…

Concerned: Didn’t know you cared that much?
Disturbed: Quit the pretence, you also want to know…
Hater: Don’t we all?For one or two reasons… *evil smirk*
Concerned: Do you know what could happen if something went wrong?
Disturbed: OMG!What is going wrong? What is happening? Did I miss something?
Hater: You just love to know too much don’t you… Anyways, much to my satisfaction, I heard doomsday is spelt for them
Disturbed: No wonder he’s not in the country yet. He should have been here since last week
Concerned: Aww… I wonder what could have happened, maybe things just did not work out.
Hater: What do you expect in a Long Distance Relationship with someone like that?
Disturbed: Someone like who?Him or her?
Hater: It really doesn’t matter. It’s not like both of them are even compatible
Concerned: It can’t be him… none of us know him, not I, you or you. By the way, long distance relationships are hard work.
Disturbed: Isn’t that who she’s always calling, texting, making her facebook profile picture? She even had to indicate that she was in a relationship with him on facebook.
Hater: I heard she was the one that sent the relationship request even. Don’t mind him, I think his name is B or something like that. He can’t even accept my facebook friend’s request I sent like 2 days ago.
Disturbed: You know how the trend is for girls to have the password to their boyfriend’s account.
Concerned: Are you saying it because that’s what you do?
Hater: Can you please not even digress in that direction. I won’t be surprised if she personally deleted the friend request I sent. She probably does that for every request from a girl, how insecure can she be?It’s not like he is all that
Disturbed: True talk. Her profile picture of him is from two years ago.
Concerned: Means he could be looking better now
Hater:… or worse?That should be a lovely sight.

Just For the Record:

B is my facebook boyfriend whom I am yet to meet.

I do not have access to his facebook account or any of his personal web spaces.

Doomsday might be waiting for us, who knows?

He really should have been here a long time ago, but that’s a post for another day.

I am obliged to keep in contact with him, and he with me by any means necessary. Every relationship needs communication.

I did send the relationship request but I did not ask myself out.

B tells me about friend requests he receives from people I know that he doesn’t. He asks for my approval but I am really indifferent.




24 Responses to “1, 2, 3’s a crowd…”

  1. Aww..yup long distance relationships r hard work, but they DO work sometimes..

    Haters will always be haters..

  2. Oh i wast 1st woohoo!

  3. talesandtallies Says:

    @Buttercup:yup,u wer first… hehe.I’m flattered you stopped by!:)

  4. this sounds like buttercup’s story a while back….

    long distance rel can work..not sure abt Facebook tho..guess anything is possible these days.

    tnx 4 stopping by mine…going to read some more

  5. Yeah, this reminded me of Buttercup’s story as well. When it comes to FB, all must tread carefully.

    Thanks for visiting NIGERIAN CURIOSITY. I actually updated the site and we now know that Elendu is not actually ‘free’ as he is not allowed to return to his family in Michigan.

    Please join us in encouraging his actual freedom and return to the US by participating in the online rally. You simply have to title a blog post – “FREE JONATHAN ELENDU NOW!” on Friday, October 31st and use the same title as your status on FaceBook.


  6. LOL @ the Hater..can you say bitter party of one? lol I like your blog def be coming back. Good luck with the relationship, dont let the haters deter you

  7. Long distance takes a lof of patience and communication…….. and pls be careful…… thanx for stopping by my blog

  8. haha!! i love it wen pple talk about me!

  9. i wonder y..wen ur single..noone cares about ur life!! but wen ur in a relationship- u suddenly become extremely fascinating!

  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by at my blog! I am blogrolling you!

  11. Guess I finally decided to delete my Facebook account… Felt it was too much social drama for moi… Good for you though…

  12. Guess u have to be logged in to BP to read the blog..i’ve copied and pasted the blog (minus the pics)

  13. This is just too crazy for words. Are you sure you’re human as in for real?

  14. talesandtallies Says:

    @aloted, solomonsydelle: glad t know a fellow blogger has been in dis situation… it really sux

    @kookie: glad you stopped by… its definitely a bitter party, i tell ya!Lol

    @funms: tnx 4 d advice… an ldr is hard, bt i’ll try

    @flabby:…dtz wat i tell myself sumtymz, it gives me an inspiration to blog!plz cum bk o…:)

    @blackberry: true dt…. cudnt agree more, ur life jst suddenly bcums a topic of interest!

    @seye: Tnx 4 stoppin by mine… will blogroll u too!x

    @danny: prolly a brk 4rm fbuk shud help me out… afterall, dts hw it all started

    @toya: am sry about dt… glad u stopped by, hpe t c u again

    @naijalines: lol!ure too funny… call me superhuman if you will…. hehe.x

    xoxo y’all

  15. Ooooh la la. I really love your blog template and design…but now I’ve got to do some catching up on ur blog! Yippee! Apparently I’m behind in the stories…hmmm…I smell facebook!

  16. People really its advisable to keep your business out of facebook. People make unnecessary conclusions and before you know it they’re talking about you in places unimaginable.

    Long distance is hard to keep but its doable and one of them has to be prepared to move within a year of such relationship developing.

  17. truthmasta Says:

    Tall tale…interesting. One should not take kindly to threats…obviously… even when not in hiding.

  18. truthmasta Says:

    Ahn ahn why comment mod now? Coud it be that control freakery has truly reached heights of gigantic proportions?

  19. long distance relationships are hard work (I am in one right now so I can testify to it). Sometimes it is tiring but sometimes it is beautiful. Abeg that whole facebook in a relationship with a named someone is too much. I just managed to change mine to in a relationship lately and I really wish I hadn’t self because I wanted to change it back immediately I did. But its alright.

  20. lady koko Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm…people know better than to let me find out such shit bEING sed bout me….cos…hmmmmmmmmmm…….MA GIRLS ARE ON STANDBY…BUAHHAHHAHAH….
    P.S: *stay fly* XOXO

  21. Well I am going to assume that you met your boo on facebook. You havent met him yet…just be careful about him…and make sure that you really know him before going off to meet him. Long distance relationships are the worst….and I am going through that now. My bf is in Nigeria and I am in USA…..I too met him online and we have met twice. i am going soon to meet him again…so I think those relationships as such could stand.

    how are you?

  22. oh and thanks for the visit…nice blog here

  23. talesandtallies Says:

    @jaycee: tnx a lot… u rili avnt misd much!

    @parakeet: trust me, now i know… people say a lotta sh*T and wit d distance, it just makes it much harder!

    @truthmasta:sry about the mod tingy… jst t knw who comments n stuff. threats like dese r obviously sumthn t wori about

    @tairebabs: you feel me babes… i swear!I just changed my status to in a relationship o, and dts wat started dis drama. I av many regrets about dt obviously, even tinkin of changing it back

    @ladykoko: mehn, dis wan no be even d main one… i av heard worse!abeg they dont even know the guy o and they’ll just be bombarding him with friend requests… see me, see trouble. too much wahala, it dey tire me!

    @kin’shar: I’m good, thanks for asking.yup, we met on facebook… yet too meet in real life. I’m trying to be cautious on this one. Am at ease knowing ders another blogger in the same situation

  24. dis is really funny. really, people dey wey no get job

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