Never [been] kissed

I’ve never kissed a boyfriend of mine.

Don’t get this twisted, that doesn’t mean I’ve never been kissed. All the guys that I have happened to kiss were never my boyfriends and all my boyfriends I just never make it to kissing them.


Every Guy I’ve ever dated started blindly at first with phone conversations and all before we finally met.


I have never been in close proximity relationships, only long distances. I definitely cannot date any guy in my school and that’s that.


I have honestly never been in any relationship for up to 6 months.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but for me it begins to whither right around the end of the 2nd month.


The thrill in kissing guys I have flings with began casually and almost became a fetish. It just kept happening in that pattern. My kissing abilities definitely kept them coming in addition to the hint of chemistry.


I do love kissing but I am a tad bit cautious because its much more than that to me. Kissing a boyfriend is different from just kissing a not-boyfriend, there are emotions involved.


I have had great kisses but I do believe the best happen when you are in love.


I am yet to kiss my current boyfriend for one or more of the many reasons aforementioned. Is this a jinx or what?

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17 Responses to “Never [been] kissed”

  1. …pretty funny stuff.
    wouldnt have thought kissing would be that important a few years down the proverbial line.

  2. lol.. r u kidding me? ok thats funny.. unlike u, i have never been kissed period!… like u, i think there are or shud be emotions attached to the whole kisisng ritual.. like u also, my relationships dont get up to 6 months! they all end at 1! jinx?? i hope not.. we seem to have a lot in common.. thanx for stopping by my blog.. interesting stuff

  3. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
    Don’t force yourself on the kissing.My first kiss was memorable. I was 17 and I still remember it. I am 28.

  4. Good heavens woman! You serious? Let’s hope you current doesn’t see this, else he’ll know him n the door have a close meeting in a very short time!

    Shave my legs and call me grandma!

  5. Only kissed two guys. Boyf and non-boyf Lol!

    Maybe you should chill before going official. Then in two months (of figuring yourselves) you know its not worth getting official then you can avoid the breakup drama.

  6. 3 kisses coming ur way hon’
    muahhh 🙂

  7. Buttercup Says:

    Wow..i dunno if ‘funny’ is the word..more like INTERESTING!

    And here i was thinking there was somn wrong with me cos i’v never had a relationship last longer than a year. Oh, n i never met my ex bf!

    I hope u get to kiss ur current bf..eventually.

    1st time here!

  8. loool omg, don’t worry, am sure ur current boyfriend will soon do the deed *wink*

    nice blog btw 🙂

  9. hmm…. i tink u shd take a spontaneous kissing pounce on ur present beau n break d jinx. I used to av a stability prob wit men i dated, i would just not stay n find reasons to liv n give d speech its not u its me (imagine dat). Wen i lasted a 1year and 7 months with my now husband i knew it was him. I tinks its just a phase. u’ll snap out of it.

  10. talesandtallies Says:

    @freaksho: not so much… dunno why I attach such importance to it

    @zara: you really have never been kissed?lol… oh my!i need to hear mre on that one…. *wink* we do have a lot in common as regards relationships its scary!plz stop by again… x

    @stuck: …must have been a really memorable kiss, cuz its been 10 yrs already!the whole kiss thingy just makes me all tingly and ish… hehe

    @muse: trust me… he doesnt know!lol. n i dnt plan on tellin him either… if i eva do, I’ll run for my life and neva stop running!lol

    @Abujamaiden: its even a little too late… I should av learnt my lesson by now, but the break up drama is even becomin too much of a cliche’

    @LG: aww… tanx darlin!kisses ryt bk atcha’….xxxxxxxx

    @buttercup: I am anxiously waiting for that kiss… you have no idea. it can’t disappoint!Lol

    @Cappucine Baby: he better o… he better!hehe

    @nikkisab: am so relieved to find out it’s not a jinx or something… I guess when you find the one, stability will not be so much of an issue…x


  11. LOL this reminds me of way back in the day, mine was 3mths not even 6 and I was already on my way out of the door, it just came so natural chai. Thanks for stopping by my page. First time here

  12. lady koko Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! well if i aint kising my boyfriend….best believe i’ll be kissing summin else..cos these lips cant go dry for too long….lolololol…I WISH I WAS JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!
    *kissing is a hobby*

  13. your case is truly paradoxical indeed. I hope you get to kiss your boyfriend pretty soon 🙂

    see u’re new on here, will be visiting more often!

  14. Well, the right person will come in time.

  15. kissing is highly over rated but essential..i can’t date a guy who can’t kiss fine..laiye lady koko says d lips must not go dry,but no be say make i dey wet am anyhow

  16. Kisses. Ha…sighs*
    About #3. Your relationships don’t last more than 6 months?
    Even as you can only get into long distance relationships.
    I would have said you don’t like to be crowded and/or monitored;
    but I’m thinking you get bored easily.

    The only thrill might be in meeting someone that is exactly like you.
    Someone that holds the possibility of leaving you before your patience
    and excitement is stretched.

    Good luck dear. It’s a wonderful world

  17. this is the first time, i read something similar to my r/ship state lol.

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