Z: That fateful night…

Cont. from a previous post
***Fast-forward a few months later and frequent phone calls mostly from him, we were both in the same town.

He invites me for his sister’s wedding which I show up for without hesitation. And If I may so myself, I looked good! He later informed me on how everyone was complimenting my look at the wedding and inquiring about my identity. He was more than thrilled to have been seen with me. He came to my house a few more times in the absence of my very strict father.

On this particular night, I was feeling like a risque specialist and decided to spend time alone with him in his car. My love for taking rides under the night sky with the city lights shining got the best of me. We were able to go to a few spots, enjoy the wonderful views and get a parking space around the corner. The plan was to gist about nothing in particular at all(as an aside, he is not good at holding conversations). As it turned out, more happened that night. He started to flirt with me heavily, saying even less and acting more. He flicked the hair behind my hair and let his hand linger for a bit as he briefly touched me. I wasn’t completely ignorant of the fact that this was gonna happen, knowing well he could melt like butter If I complied with him. Complied I did, after a little contemplation. Not that him breathing against my ear and the nape of my neck helped.

I tried to resist, muttering these words gently; “Please, I can’t do this… not now, just don’t”. He teasingly replied, “do what?”, pretending not to know what effect he was having on me despite my protests.
“Don’t do whatever this is … whatever we’re doing, or about to do”, I stammered. “It’s just really complicated right now, I’m going through a break up”
“So what…?Its not like I’m doing anything”. He kept his gaze on me as I looked away. I really wanted him to stop but I couldn’t help my self because brushing his lips on neck and behind my ear was ‘Oh so tempting!’. He turned my face towards him and headed for the big dive. He kissed me, I pulled back at first and then we kissed some more. After taking a break to catch our breath, we suddenly realized that the front sit would be slightly uncomfortable for the next line of action. He suggested and I nodded. I gleefully jumped to the back seat without thinking to maybe use the door, he followed suit. He leaned in to finish up what he had started, but my older cousin beat him to it.

I picked up the phone with disgust to hear the other caller’s voice say it was too late for me to stay outside, I needed to go back home. We relocated to our previous positions with his eyes on the road and mine focused on my side of the window. I could swear the ride back home was longer(including fact that we used the express highway and there was no traffic).

For the most part, it was uncomfortable as no words were shared. If any were, they might have been irrelevant or I was too bothered about the aftermath of my actions to remember. As he dropped me off at home, we shared a hug and parting pleasantries. I walked to my gate slowly with my head down, almost missing his wave as he drove off.

In that moment, all my thoughts came into coherence. I realized my folly to have led him on. I knew Z was not the kind of guy to give up so easily. He didn’t before, why would he now? Was that wave symbolic of some assurance that I just gave him?some kind of new found confidence that we could have something more? If only he knew that this night meant nothing to me, except confirming that in fact, I had no feelings for him whatsoever.


2 Responses to “Z: That fateful night…”

  1. lol maybe your cousin’s call was a sign, you never know these things o!

  2. talesandtallies Says:

    @Cappucine Baby: am sure it was a sign from above, only God knows what else would have happened that night… lol

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