I feel…

I feel that each time I call and I don’t get you, I am reminded of how distant your are from me.

Each time you ask me to call makes me feel like I have all the responsibilities on my shoulder.

I feel that I have waited long enough to see you laugh, cry, smile, joke sleep and all the usual stuff people take for granted, and I am still waiting.

I may have given my heart out to a total stranger, but how do I choose who I fall for.

I feel that no matter what anyone says or does, I am thinking with my heart right now to do what’s best for us. Not because I am stubborn, but because I maybe too much in love.

I feel that you may be too ‘right’ a boyfriend it feels almost wrong to have you.

I feel I maybe making a premature commitment by promising to love you forever, not because I don’t love you now but because you may not love me tomorrow.

I feel cheated out of the life I would have had If you were not here but also sold into the idea of having you forever.

I feel exactly what people feel about their ex’s, having loved and lost, I fear that may happen to me.

I feel if I shall lose you soon, then please come at a later time when I shall have the strength to try not to lose you.

I feel I have committed all of me into us, and if it doesn’t work, I will not be willing to give it a second shot.

I feel loved, undeservingly, and I may never be sure that you yourself deserve me, when there is no ‘us’.

But I Care…
because of all the things I feel, I’m not sure if I should give up on this love.



11 Responses to “I feel…”

  1. poeticallytinted Says:

    Wow! Now I see what you mean… lol. You need to define how you want to be treated girl and decide where to draw the line in your relationships with other people (not necessarily men). Now, all I need to do is take my own advice…

  2. Abujamaiden Says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Will be back and easy on love part!

  3. Aphrodite Says:

    Just read all ur posts.

    I just feel you babes. I hope u never regret this love.

    Be back soon.

  4. yankeenaijababe Says:

    Facebook luv, interesting one. My first time here , just take it one step at a time and becareful of the ex-girlfriend coming back into his life. You know how guys are. I will be back. (Just added you to my blog list)

  5. hmm @ I feel that you may be too ‘right’ a boyfriend it feels almost wrong to have you.

    Why not just relax and enjoy the relationship

  6. talesandtallies Says:

    @poeticallytinted: don’t we all wish we could take our own advice?lol…yh, I have a definite trouble with drawing the line.

    @abuja maiden: will love to have you back!xoxo

    @aphrodite: thanks!I sure hope I don’t…

    @yankeenaijababe: Thanks for the add! added you too… face book na witch!lol. you’ll def. hear a lot about the ex.

    @doll: I know am supposed to relax o… but when everything is right, I start feeling as if there’s something I’m missing. very twisted, I know… lol


  7. Please, try to relax in this current relationship *smiles*

    Be optimistic and try to make the best of it, best of luck!

  8. talesandtallies Says:

    @Cappucine Baby: Thank you… I think am definitely more at ease now

  9. *sigh* i think i’ve been exactly here. well, except for being deserving of his love of course. i’m always deserving of love!!! 🙂
    it’s a sad place, but it’ll pass.

    thanx for stopping by my blog babe.

  10. lady koko Says:

    i may not know you…BUT I DEF BELIEVE YOU are DESERVING OF HE’S LOVE……ask me how i knu………*darling they call me KOKO* (NEED I SAY MORE LOL)

  11. Dearest!!! OMG! Are you seriously me right now. This is waht I wish I had written to Boyfie! ARGHHHH!!! I so feel you right now.

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