How I met this nagger

This guy I am going to write about, lets call him Z. He is a nagger!

Me and Z had something going on sometime last year, at about the time I was in a very confused state of my life. Well, we met randomly at a party and I could tell I caught his eye. The party was for a little cousin of mine and expectantly, it was full of two or three year olds. Seeing there was nothing more to do than to chaperon little kids, I decided to indulge in a game of ‘catch-him-glancing’.

Z was so bad at this, I, an expert… Its a no-brainer that his eyes were fixated on me the entire night. I won! I thought he would get my number by the end of the night, but sadly, he didn’t. I moved on to more important things like getting other guys to hit on me because

a) I am not an attention seeker, but I do love to flaunt myself every once in a while.
b) Z was just staring at me, say something… dammit!
c) Another cute guy or two seemed to want my attention and were chatting me up

He and my uncle who accompanied to the party seemed to have the same interests however, as they chatted a way freely.My uncle is only in his late 20’s and a few years older than Z. They were able to exchange numbers before we left the party.

“Thank God!”, I breathed a sigh of relief. At least, all hope is not lost.

A couple of weeks later, I ran into my uncle chatting with Z on the phone. Knowing fully well the consequences of my next action, I asked that my regards be sent to Z. Give him a few minutes after that conversation and my phone was ringing. I picked up with an innocent voice and recognized Z’s voice almost immediately.

me: Hello?
Z: Hey, wassup
… Am speaking to [But-I-Care] right?
me: Yes, who is this? [Having a hunch that he was the one but still playing dumb]
Z: It’s me, Z. I just got your number from your uncle.
me: what Z?[I love playing amnesia!]
Z: At the party, you remember? You were with your uncle, It was at this venue and at that time. [I didn’t expect him to give a full description!]
me: Oh, its you Z1 I was just telling my uncle to send you my regards. It has really been a while. How are things?
Z: Well, they are good. I just went back to school. I’m glad I finally got your number, I couldn’t forgive myself for letting you leave the party without getting it. Been thinking about you all through.
me: Why didn’t you then?Get the number, I mean…
Z: You were looking too darn good and I was shy.
me: Oh *sigh*, I thought I was unapproachable [Like I care, at least he noticed me]
Z: Not at all, I didn’t know what to say to you.
[Whew!At least no we’re talking about something]



4 Responses to “How I met this nagger”

  1. poeticallytinted Says:

    Where’s the end of this?

  2. talesandtallies Says:

    @poeticallytinted: I continued it in the next post,

  3. Lmao! You sounds just like me! That whole pretending that I don’t know who’s talking when I actually really and truly do thing, hahahahaha, oh girl, you crack me up!

    Loving your blog!

  4. talesandtallies Says:

    @Cappucine Baby: lmao… i have fun playin coy mehn… glad u love my blog.
    much love hun!xx

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